"FREEDOM" -- Self-released (2010)

Waikato Times, New Zealand (July 2010)

Bristow returns and she is totally in control.  "Freedom" is red hot. *****

Graham Reid, (2010) 

This album confirms a major talent.  And whatever she's running from or to, it makes for gripping listening.


Warning Signs.mp3

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"CRAZY LOVE" -- Craving Records (2007)

Chet Flippo, CMT (July 2007)

A CD that has totally occupied my car's CD player for the past week or so is from a New Zealand native.  Jackie Bristow's "Crazy Love" is a hypnotizing collection of her original songs that conjure up a seductive world of, well, crazy love and other ethereal things.  Bristow is a true original and well worth your attention.  She writes all of her songs and they seem casual until you listen to them again and again.  Not many writers in any musical genres give the attention and depth to lyrics that Bristow obviously does.

Crazy Love.mp3


"THIRSTY" -- Liberation (2002)

"Album of the Week," Melbourne Star (July 2002)

"Thirsty" is a collection of really strong songs that have been beautifully produced.  Whether or not they're going to achieve singles' chart success is debatable, but give Jackie Bristow some radio play and watch the album shoot out the stores.  With the strength of songs like "Silly Girl" and "Circle Round You," Jackie Bristow is a fantastic talent. 

Circle Round You.mp3