"This album confirms a major talent."  Graham Reid, Elsewhere.co.nz
"Bristow is a true original, well worth your attention."
Chet Flippo, Country Music Television (CMT, USA)

"Bristow returns, and she's totally in control.  'Freedom' is red hot."  *****  Waikato Times (New Zealand)

"'Freedom' is a brilliant work of art, from a brilliant singer. However, more than just a singer, Bristow is a story-teller and she has many tales to tell."  Muzic.net.nz

"A class act to watch."  Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle   (Texas, USA)

"Whoda known all those years ago that the girl from Gore would find herself here, a seriously credible songwriter with the soul of a poet."  Chris Chilton, Southland Times  (New Zealand)